About Marksman Media

Marksman Media exists to create the most innovative communication tools for my clients, enabling them to convey their message in the most effective way and distinguish themselves from the competition.

All businesses in existence today, whether large or small, share a common problem:


“Amidst the sea of advertising, media and conflicting messages that compete for our customers’ attention on a daily basis, how can we ensure that our company is remembered? How do we ensure that our message is heard? How can we stand out and differentiate ourselves from our competition? In short, how do we get noticed?”


Advertising materials today must go far beyond communicating ‘just the facts’ about a company’s product or service offerings. They must connect with their intended audience on an emotional level, and do so in such a unique and compelling way that the customer will not soon forget the company’s product, brand and/or message.


Making matters even more difficult, the creative individuals to whom companies turn for help in creating these critical communication tools are often the most unreliable. Far too many graphic designers have earned a reputation for being undependable, temperamental and irresponsible, making little or no attempt to fully understand their client’s ideas, challenges and goals before creating.


Since 2004, I’ve been designing logos, websites, brochures, and other materials that have helped my clients to pass their competition.


Left + right-brained…


My goal is to be a different kind of graphic artist, one with a reputation for being both right and left-brained, when it comes to my creative process, as well as for building lifelong relationships with my clients, partnering with them to accomplish their goals.


What sets Marksman Media apart is the ability to “observe the masses, then do the opposite.”


In my experience, the companies who enjoy the most success are those whose leaders aren’t afraid to take risks and think outside of the box.


To that end, my goal is to create designs that are strategically aggressive, visually compelling, and unique to their target audience, contributing to the long-term success of my clients’ product, message or brand.


Core strengths…


I’m dedicated to serving my clients far beyond the scope of any individual design project.


Rather than merely offering “one-hit” solutions, or competing on price point alone, I’m committed to being reliable, consistent, and strategic in all of my relationships.


I take special care to assess my clients’ demographics, clientele, and actual needs before attempting to offer a solution or product. This ensures that these relationships are built upon meaningful communication and real-world needs, rather than just the latest design trends.


As I cultivate these relationships, I’m rewarded both financially and with the satisfaction of seeing my clients’ business grow as well.


Over 10 years of learning…


I draw strength from more than a decade of experience and training in the graphic arts, including web and print design, advertising, photography, music, audio, and video production. Having studied industry trends since 2004, I’ve learned not just how to survive, but how to thrive in an ever-changing industry.


I do this through constant learning and unlearning, bucking conventional wisdom, and leading the charge of successful new ideas. I invest a great deal of time and energy into the study of the latest design trends, software and technology advancements, and expert opinions to maintain my edge.



Out-of-the-box creativity…


The primary benefit I provide to my clients is creativity — which begins with listening, accurately perceiving my clients’ goals, and then delivering unique design solutions that exceed expectations.


While my clients understand the value of their own product or service, as well as their own target market, they are often searching for more creative ways to communicate their message to potential customers.


I’m not content to merely deliver an adequate product at a fair price. Instead, I thoroughly explore a number of alternative solutions to design problems, presenting my clients with a wide range of ideas, from conservative to the most creative, “out-of-the-box” communication tools.


Relationships that matter…


As a designer, I recognize that creativity is often what my clients value most. But I’m equally committed to doing business with integrity — simply doing what I say I’d do, when I said I’d do it, and for the amount we agreed.


At the end of the day, it’s not the quality of my work alone that brings my clients back for more. Beyond the limited success of any individual project, I’m committed to building healthy, lifelong relationships, because people are what matter most.


If you’re tired of flaky designers and unreliable creative-types, Marksman Media just may be the design company you’ve been looking for!

Adam Willis, Owner

Thank you for your interest in Marksman Media!

Since 2004, I’ve been designing attention-getting logos, websites, and printed materials that have helped my in and around the Greater Evansville area to reach their goals.

Feel free to browse the samples of my work on this site, or read what others are saying about Marksman Media. Then, when you’re ready, get in touch.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how we might work together!

To your success!
Adam Willis
Small Business Website Designer