Like many small businesses, I have learned the hard way the importance of choosing the right clients to work with. In the past, I would have taken nearly any job that came my way. Often times, this would include individuals or small businesses that wanted to take their trade online and looked to me to get them started. However, with that honor, I made some mistakes. Here is a short list of things to consider for web designers and clients alike:

  1. Cheap website design is not good and good website design is not cheap
    Now, I didn’t  come up with that, but it is probably the most important point to get across. Every time I have taken on a client that was looking for the cheapest solution, the end result has been a disappointment for the client and a frustration for me. It is important to explain the web design process and deliverables clearly before the work starts so that everyone understands what the end result will be and what it will cost to get there.
  2. You cannot afford to skimp on security and reliable support
    I have had many clients that were satisfied with the cost to build the site, but didn’t understand the costs of securing the site and maintaining updates and future patches.